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Monday's Child


Your mother will say it. "Don't go outside like that!"
You classmates will jeer. "Can't you be more normal?"
Your boyfriend will lament. "It's embarrassing to walk along the street with you."
But you've already met with it.
The thing you have desired at great lengths.
And you already know it.
The location of your store, where you are free to go.

Gothic & Lolita ---- It's not a style, but fate.
Gothic & Lolita ---- Not a fad, but a raison de etre.

The pious orthodox Jews wear their black yamachas and cloaks,
Wear their sideburns long to live their lives daily in prayer
As you alone must wear these western clothes as proof of your creed
In entrusting your body to a creed of heresy you hesitated a while, didn't you?
But you need draw out only a little courage.
Since you now know what is most important to you.

So tie on your head dress above a corset constrained body,
Train a pannier under your skirt and then, if you stand before the mirror,
Will a unicorn appear to bestow a kiss of blessing upon your cheek.
This is what he will say:

These are the battle clothes of the precious ones, the few chosen to fight the many
who lack the power to see dreams.
They will see, and will brand you as an escapee who has rejected the reality of becoming an adult.
But the wished for world of the ones exists only outside of reality.
You nod your head decisively.
An existence in reality is truly loathsome to you.

So you will live in eternity as a representative from a world of illusions.
Gothic and Lolita --- those who have been chosen to die as martyrs for beauty.
Gothic and Lolita --- the descendants of devils and angels who hide their wings

-Novala Takemoto (As translated by: Faith Shinri @ http://www.lerman.biz/asagao/gothic_lolita/translations/glubgo.html


i'm in slytherin!

The Princess Code

The WeatherPixie

Created by: ilikethequiet

(0:20) [Jedimasterwill] well you should set a goal for yourself then.
[DeirdreDahlia] Human Genocide?
(0:23) [Jedimasterwill] I'd start smaller
[DeirdreDahlia] Bee Genocide?

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